MSc_MTech_NONGATE_NONJAM_Admission list 2021




The List of provisionally selected candidates for admission in the following programme without fellowship under M.Tech Non-GATE and M.Sc. non-JAM:


For M.Tech (Non-GATE):

1. Computer Science and Engineering.

2. Electronics and Communication Engineering.

3. Environmental and Water Resources Engineering in Civil Engineering Department.

4a. Power and Control Systems in Electrical Engineering Department.

4b. Part time list in Power and control systems in Electrical Engineering Department.

5. Mechanical Engineering.



M.Sc. (Non-JAM):

1. M.Sc. Physics

2. M.Sc. Mathematics


N.B. Admission is subject to verification of all original documents/ certificates and payment of eligible admission fees. If at any stage it is found that the candidate is unable to pass the qualifying degree exam(B.Sc./B.Tech), his/her admission will be cancelled.