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  1. Name: Dr. Sanatombi Sorokhaibam
    • Ph.D. Enrolments: 13PHP001(Jan 2013-March 2018)
    • E-mail address: sanatombis1@gmail.com
    • Title of the Thesis: Sintering Effect On The Structural Electrical And Magnetic Properties Of Substituted Lithium Ferrites.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Ibetombi Soibam
  2. Name: Dr. Angom Devadatta Mani
    • Ph.D. Enrolments No: 14PH002(Aug 2014-April 2018)
    • E-mail address: angomdevadattamani@gmail.com
    • Title of the Thesis: Structural, Dielectric, Magnetic, And Optical Studies Of Multiferroic Nanocomposites.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Ibetombi Soibam
  3. Name: Dr. Elangbam Chitra Devi
    • Ph.D. Enrolments No: 14PHP003(Aug 2014-Feb 2019)
    • E-mail address: elangbam_chitra@rediffmail.com
    • Title of the Thesis: Synthesis And Characterization Of Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles Doped With Divalent Transition Metal Ions And Trivalent Rare Earth Ions
    • Supervisor: Dr. Ibetombi Soibam
  4. Name : Dr. Biju Thangjam
    • Enrolments No. 14PHP001(Aug 2014-Jan 2020)
    • E-mail address: bijuthdmc@gmail.com
    • Title of the Thesis: Comparative Study Of The Microwave And Conventionally Sintered Substituted Ni-Zn Ferrites
    • Supervisor: Dr. Ibetombi Soibam
  5. Name : Dr. Jangkhohao Touthang
    • Ph.D. Enrolments: 15PHP001(Jan 2015-Jun 2020)
    • E-mail address: touthang15@yahoo.com
    • Title of the Thesis: Synthesis And Characterization Of Lithium Ferrite-Yttrium Manganite Ferrimagnetic Composite Prepared With V2O5-Na2SiO4 as additives.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Mamata Maisnam
  6. Name: Dr. Huidrom Surjalata Devi 
    • Ph.D Enrolirent No. 16PHP001
    • Email: 
    • Title of Thesis:
    • Supervisor: Dr/ Mamata Maisnam
  7. Name: Wahengbam Ishwarchand Singh
    • Ph.D Enrollment No: 19409005
    • Email: ishorchand1993@gmail.com 
    • Title of Thesis: Investigation of chemical bonding and electronic network of reduced graphene oxide and polymer electrospun nanofiber
    • Supervisor: Dr. Bibhu Prasad Swain