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1. Vacuum coating unit with e-beam evaporator and 3 KW Power Supply

   Model- 15F6D

   Hind High vaccum co.(p)ltd. Bangalore

 2. Source meter for I-V measurement

   Model No. - 2400 Series Keithley

 3. Fully Reflective Solar Simulator.

   Model NO. -XYZ500TIS (SS150AAA)

 4. Chiller machine

   Model No. - ICON005DAX

   Hind High vacuum co.(p)ltd. Bangalore

5. Precision LCR Meter

   Model No. - E4980AL (20Hz-500Hz)


   Model No. - 3532-50(42 Hz-5MHz)


7. Clean Air Systems

   Class 10000 modular clean room system/facility (Laminar flow station, air shower, Biosafety hoods, fume exhaust system)


Research works:


1.  Growth of nanostructure, Nano-column etc.

2.  Fabrication of nanowire arrays by e-beam evaporator using GLAD (glancing angle deposition technique) technique is done.

3.  Current (I) – Voltage (V) measurement for the fabricated device based detector.

4.  Capacitance of the fabricated device based detector can be measured.



Dr. Chitralekha Ngangbam

Asst. Professor

Email Id- ng.chitra@gmail.com